Corona-virus outbreak ,Govt of India suspends all tourist visas until April 15

The health ministry said all travelers, including Indians who visited China, Italy, Iran, Republic of Korea, France, Spain and Germany, and arrived in India after February 15 shall be quarantined for a minimum 14-day period.

Therefore, the government said on March 11 that it will suspend all tourist visas in a sweeping attempt to prevent the spread of corona virus as cases across India continued to rise.

In other words, all existing visas, except diplomatic, official, U.N./international organizations, employment, project visas, stand suspended till 15th April 2020,” the health ministry said in a tweet.

The advisory said anyone with a “compelling reason” to travel to the country could contact their nearest Indian mission, but it was not clear if the ban would include short-term business visas.

However,the order will come into effect from 1200 GMT on March 13.

Separately, the government issued a statement saying that the decision to suspend visas until April 15 was taken by a group of ministers. For instance, the government also urged Indian nationals to avoid all non-essential travel abroad.

Above all, the government advisory on March 11 is one of the most wide-reaching advisories since the outbreak began in late December.

In addition, On March 11, the government suspended issuing visas to citizens of France, Spain and Germany until further notice. Such restrictions were already in place for citizens of China, Italy, Iran, Japan and South Korea — the five countries worst hit by the outbreak of the virus.

After that, India has also closed a border with neighboring Myanmar to counter the corona-virus outbreak. “As a precautionary measure (to prevent) transmission of corona-virus/COVID-19, the international border with Myanmar has been closed … until further orders,” N. Biren Singh, chief minister of Manipur, which shares a border with Myanmar, said in a tweet on Tuesday.

In conclusion, the total cases of corona-virus in the country rose to more than 60 on Wednesday,

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