Twenty 20s in 2020 – Twenty facts of 2020 in relation to 20

The year 2020 is special with several matters related to the numerical number ’20’ such as,

#1. The 20th year of the 3rd millennium, 20th year of the 21st century and the first year of 2020’s decade. Also 2nd February, 2020 is a palindromic date (02 02 2020).

#2. No Income Tax up to Total Income Rs. 5 lac doesn’t mean 20% is the starting slab rate. (Indian Income Tax Act.)
In F.Y. 2019-20 (A.Y. 2020-21), no Income Tax required for Resident Individuals if total income is below 5 lac. (Rebate u/s 87A Rs. 12,500/-). However, there is no change in Income Tax Slabs. If income exceeds Rs. 5 lac, taxpayer will not get any rebate u/s 87A and have to pay taxes as per slab rates (5%, 20% & 30% respectively). For more info. click here.

#3. T20 cricket world cup
7th ICC Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup to be held in Australia from 18 October to 15 November, 2020.

#4. Tokyo Olympic games starts at 20:00  local time
Summer Olympics 2020 games will open in Japanese capital Tokyo at 20:00 local time on July 24, 2020 and will be continued up to 9th August, 2020.

#5. IPL starts from 20:00 IST
Indian Premiere League season 13 will be held between March to May and as earlier most of the matches will be start from 20:00 IST.

#6. 20 teams qualified for UEFA EURO 2020

EURO 2020 will be held from 12 June to 12 July 2020. 20 teams are now
qualified for the final tournament, to be joined by 4 play off winners
in March.

#7. Australian Open 2020 starts from January 20

Open 2020, the first Grand Slam Tennis tournament of 2020 will take
place at Melbourne park from 20 January to 2 February.

#8. World Expo in Dubai starts from Oct 20
World Expo 2020 will be hosted by Dubai, opening on October 20, 2020. Representatives of almost the entire world will gather to discuss about the global issues and try to find solutions.

#9. International Year of Sound 2020
International Year of Sound 2020 (IYS 2020) sanctioned by UNESCO is a
initiative of International Commission of Acoustics (ICA) to highlight
the importance of sound and  related sciences & technologies.

#10. International day of Happiness : Mar 20
Like every year, 20th March will be celebrated as International Day of Happiness.

#11. Apple set a target to sell 20 million units of iphone SE 2
iphone SE 2 may lunch in 2020 and according to sources Apple will at least sell 20 million units of iphone SE 2.

#12. The new Polymer Pound 20 note will be put into circulation on Feb 20, 2020
Britain will release new polymer pound 20 note on February 20, 2020. The Bank of England is claiming that it is the most secure note till date with security features like hologram image change, window features etc.


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