Voter ID Card Is A Proof Of Citizenship Says Mumbai Court

While much noise is being going on in the country about Citizenship a court in Bombay has settled the question of proving it. A magistrate court in Mumbai held that original election cards are proof of citizenship.

As per court held a birth certificate, a domicile certificate, a bona fide certificate, and a passport can be relied upon to establish the origin of any person. “Even the election card can be said to be sufficient proof of citizenship as while applying for the election card or a voting card, a person has to file a declaration with the authority in view of Form 6 of Peoples Representation Act to the authority that e is a citizen of India and if the declaration is found false, he is liable for punishment,” the court said.

The court was hearing the case of a couple arrested in 2017. The couple was arrested on suspicion of being Bangladeshi national. And were charged with illegally living in India. The court pronounced the decision acquitting the couple.

The decision comes at a time when CAA and NRC have created fear among the citizens to prove their nationality and citizenship. The lower courts judgment sets a precedent for other such cases.

SOURCE  businessleague

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